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A. Blanton Godfrey


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  • Juran's Quality Handbook: 5th Edition
    Provides chapters on company-wide planning for quality, quality policies and objectives, managing human performance, training for quality, product development, supplier relations, and customer service. Includes examples from a variety of industries.


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  • Quality Health Care   view details
    "Some of the earlier successes were truly remarkable. The Leicester Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom, a winner of Hewlett-Packard's Golden Helix Award, reduced a 40-day neurological test procedure to one day, with an associated 40-percent reduction i
  • Interview of Blan Godfrey   view details
    Dr. Blanton Godfrey is the Dean of North Carolina State College of Textiles and former President at the Juran Institute. Here is a video interview where he discusses Six Sigma.
  • In the Beginning   view details
    Blan Godrfery interviews Robert W. Galvin about how Motorola started Six Sigma and helped spread its success.

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