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  • The Tragedy of Waste   view details
    "Overall, Chase finds that the total amount of waste in industry is 30-50% (p. 207). This means that output could be doubled within existing resources, for the purpose of improving the human condition by making available to all citizens the necessities of
  • Keep It Real   view details
    "Real lean is the simultaneous deployment of both pillars -- Continuous Improvement and Respect for People. But what is Respect for People? The words sound simple enough, and every senior manager we talk to says: 'Oh yeah, we do that; it's a given.' As it
  • The Equally Important “Respect for People” Principle   view details
    "The 'Respect for People' principle encompasses all key stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, investors, and communities. Thus, rather than representing a single dyad, the 'Respect for People' principle is a multilateral expression of the need for balanced, mutually respectful relationships, cooperation, and co-prosperity with these key stakeholders."

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