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  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking   view details
    "Multi-tasking doesnt work. As a knowledge worker, you simply cannot deploy all your mental acuity and creativity if you cant focus on the task at hand. All the interruptions of modern office life  email, Blackberries, pagers, voice mail, good old-fa
  • If Jon Stewart Can Do It, so Can You   view details
    Jon Stewart "I’m a real believer in that creativity comes from limits, not freedom. Freedom, I think you don’t know what to do with yourself. But when you have a structure, then you can improvise off it." Dan "If something as evanescent as comic inspiration can be turned into a process, there’s no excuse for you to not create a process for your own work."
  • How Visual Systems Make It Easier to Track Knowledge Work   view details
    "Just like an athlete, a fit company finds ways to make its processes visible so that it can assess safety, velocity, and quality — and then align people around the commonly understood goals, to make the necessary adjustments, in real time, and move to a higher level of performance."

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    Blog by Dan Markovitz on lean thinking and how managers can properly allocate their time.

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