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Jason Yip


I'm a Principal Consultant with ThoughtWorks focused on Agile and Lean Software Development. Lives in Australia.


  • It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings   view details
    "It is too easy to confuse effort with work. The stand-up should encourage a focus on moving work through the system in order to achieve our objectives, not encourage pointless activity. ... Post raised obstacles to an Improvement Board. This is a publicly visible whiteboard or chart that identifies raised obstacles and tracks the progress of their resolution. An Improvement Board can be updated outside of stand-ups and serves as a more immediate and perhaps less confronting way to initially raise obstacles."
  • Eight guidelines for closing the knowing-doing gap   view details
    "Why before How: philosophy is important. Focus on Why (philosophy, general guidance) before How (detailed practices, behaviours, techniques) ... Action counts more than elegant plans and concepts. Ready, fire, aim. Act even if you haven't had the time to fully plan the action..."

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