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This is just meant as a fun listing: there is no way to objectively rate blogs by how worthy or valuable they are.

I just wanted to create a listing that ranked blogs I thought were worth reading using a collection of popularity metrics that I think have some merit (even if that merit is fairly limited).

Rank Name Points
26 Insp Guilfoyle 35 details
27 Jamie Flinchbaugh 35 details
28 Lead with Lean 35 details
29 Ackoff Center 34 details
30 Lean Pathways 34 details
31 Bob Emiliani 31 details
32 Evolving Agile 31 details
33 Curious Cat Management Comments 30 details
34 Lessons in Lean 30 details
35 thinkpurpose 30 details
36 Catalysis 29 details
37 Squire to the Giants 28 details
38 Extreme Uncertainty 28 details
39 Gotta Go Lean 26 details
40 Objective Thoughts 24 details
41 Quality Learning Australasia 21 details
42 Performance Improvement 20 details
43 Dumontis 20 details
44 Quality and Innovation 19 details
45 Beyond Lean 19 details
46 Ka anyi kwuo okwu (Let's Talk) 13 details
47 Quality Leadership blog 10 details
48 Lean Green Institute 10 details
49 Biztorming 10 details
50 Science of Improvement 9 details

The rankings are computed with the following factors

1) Moz page authority

2) a subjective ranking by Curious Cat

3) RSS feed subscribers

4) Moz page rank

5) traffic rank (via Alexa Global and Alexa US)

6) Author Twitter authority (followers compared to those followed, retweets...)

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