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  • Understanding Variation   view details
    Highly recommended. An excellent discussion of variation. Understanding variation is critical to improving management and the performance of organizations.
  • Use of Experimental Design in Analytical Studies   view details
    Presentation slides that: "discuss extending R. A. Fisher?s principles of experimental design to the environment of an analytic study. The appropriate use of experimental patterns, blocking (or planned grouping), randomization, and replication will be ill
  • Analytical studies: a framework for quality improvement design and analysis   view details
    "An enumerative study is one in which action will be taken on the universe that was studied. An analytical study is one in which action will be taken on a cause system to improve the future performance of the system of interest. The aim of an enumerative study is estimation, while an analytical study focuses on prediction. Because of the temporal nature of improvement, the theory and methods for analytical studies are a critical component of the science of improvement."

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