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  • Geared for Happiness   view details
    "quality first and follow through with the honest practice of developing quality products and quality people ... Deming liked to tell how the Great Western Sugar would take newspaper ads to advise the farmers when to plant, thin and harvest their sugar
  • Interview of and by Dr. Ackoff and Dr. Deming   view details
    Great stuff. The transcript spells Dr. Ackoff's name wrong (Akoff). They discuss the important of viewing organizations as systems and a fair amount of time on the problems with business school education in the USA. And they touch on a huge number of management topics. Dr. Deming "When one understands who depends on me, then I may take joy in my work." Dr. Ackoff "If there isn't join in work, you won't get productivity, and you won't get quality."

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    Home of the Deming Library tapes and Better Management for a Changing World (with Ackoff and Suarez).

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