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Tool Time Handbook 1.0 for Lean

Tool Time Handbook 1.0 for Lean by David P. Langford

Co-authored by David P. Langford and Sarah Pavelka, this spiral bound handbook is an excellent resource. It is written in an easy-to-understand format with diagrams and explanations of 23 Lean Quality Improvement Tools and their suggested uses.

You'll understand how Lean tools can successfully be applied to the 9 Step PDSA Improvement Process (Plan-Do-Study-Act Process).

Our goal was simplicity. Each tool has a process explanation and is graphically represented. All of the Lean Quality Learning tools are also referenced to the 9 Step PDSA cycle for fast tool selection and implementation. This enables you to spend less time selecting tools and more time learning how, when and where to use them.

Tool Time for Lean books are being used by students, administrators, board members, personnel staff, healthcare professionals, and business leaders, as well as by employees from schools, universities, corporations, hospitals, and government agencies.

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