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  • Process Leadership   view details
    "What is missing is process leadership at the top. Top management focuses on strategic thinking and financial thinking but not on processes thinking."
  • Lean Consumption   view details
    "Lean production transformed manufacturing. Now it?s time to apply lean thinking to the processes of consumption. By minimizing customers? time and effort and delivering exactly what they want when and where they want it, companies can reap huge benefi
  • Teaching the Big Box New Tricks   view details
    "The consequence, in terms of performance, is remarkable. Total "touches" on the product (each of which involves costly human effort) have been reduced from 150 to 50. The total throughput time, from the filling line at the supplier to the customer leavin
  • No More Lean Excuses   view details
    "I have recently been getting a striking reaction from many senior management audiences. They all agree that products have got vastly better over recent years, but they equally agree that the process of ordering and buying them and getting them serviced h
  • What Lean Really is: The evolution of Toyota's practices   view details
    "the distinguishing feature of Ohno's approach was to challenge and teach front line and support staff how to design their own work, using the Training Within Industry system pioneered during WWII in the USA (4). This enabled the front line to establish a standard way of doing their work as a base line for improvement, which in turn enabled them to see and respond to any deviations from this standard immediately. In analyzing the root causes of the many issues that interrupted their work he also taught them how to use the scientific approach to solving problems, using Deming's PDCA method. ... Lean shares the same scientific approach to the analysis of work with many improvement methodologies, like BPR, Six Sigma and TQM. But it differs from them in how it is used. Rather than experts using scientific methods to design better systems, lean builds superior performance by developing the problem solving capabilities of the front line, supported by a hands-on management system."

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  • Lean Edge
    "Lean management is a method to dramatically improve business performance by teaching people how to improve their own processes. The two main dimensions of lean management are continuous process improvement (going and seeing problems at the source, challenging operations and improving step by step) and respect for people (developing and engaging employees by developing teamwork, problem solving and respect for customers, employees and all other partners). ... The aim of the discussion [on the site] is to share different points of view and to collectively build a vision of lean management."

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