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  • Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best... and Learn from the Worst
    If you are a boss who wants to do great work, what can you do about it? Good Boss, Bad Boss is devoted to answering that question. Stanford Professor Robert Sutton weaves together the best psychological and management research with compelling stories and cases to reveal the mindset and moves of the best (and worst) bosses.


  • Management Advice: Which 90% is Crap   view details
    "The people who sell management ideas are a lot like the Merck representatives who sold Vioxx to doctors: The financial incentives for getting you to buy their stuff blind them to the drawbacks and entice them to mislead their customers."
  • Why Managing by Facts Works   view details
    "From our research, we are convinced that when companies base decisions on evidence, they enjoy a competitive advantage. And even when little or no data is available, there are things executives can do that allow them to rely more on evidence and logic an
  • 12 Things Good Bosses Believe   view details
    "My success — and that of my people — depends largely on being the master of obvious and mundane things, not on magical, obscure, or breakthrough ideas or methods."
  • Leading vs. Managing: A False Choice   view details
    "I am not rejecting the distinction between leadership and management, but I am saying that the best leaders do something that might properly be called a mix of leadership and management. At a minimum, they lead in a way that constantly takes into account the importance of management. Meanwhile, the worst senior executives use the distinction between leadership and management as an excuse to avoid the details they really have to master to see the big picture and select the right strategies."

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