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  • Bringing Lean Systems Thinking to Six Sigma   view details
    "Traditional lean efforts will help you reduce flow time and waste, leading to improvements that will boost overall quality. Six Sigma, with its focus on statistics, will help you deliver a more consistent product. But to fully support your long-term goal
  • Getting Lean Right   view details
    "So how is it that such a low percentage of companies that know about lean can turn it into a success? It's not because they haven't heard about continuous flow, or they don't know how to do the 5S's, or they've never seen a kaizen workshop. It is because
  • The Extraordinary Vision of Henry Ford   view details
    "The second distinguishing characteristic of Ford's vision was that it was multidimensional. Henry Ford looked at every aspect of his business to achieve his grand vision: product, process and people. His product vision was based on interchangeable parts
  • The Lean Toolbox   view details
    "You can read about and understand the tools of lean in just about any quality management book. You can delegate the application and implementation to just about anyone--engineers, hourly workers, lean facilitators and the like. But you cannot succeed wit
  • Leading Lean: Make Everything Visual   view details
    "Visual management is an approach to managing information, decisions and standardization so that anyone can tell at a glance whether everything is normal or abnormal and what should be done next... Pick one decision point, make it visual, and youve just

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  • \"When it comes to building a problem-solving culture, one of the most important traits is being able to surface problems quickly and face them honestly.\"

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    Surfacing Problems Daily

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  • Jamie Flinchbaugh
  • Jamie Flinchbaugh
    Blog on lean culture, transformational leadership, and entrepreneurial excellence. Jamie is a consultant and co-author of The Hitchhiker.s Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road.

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