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Mike Stoecklein


Mike is the Director of Network Operations at Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value.


  • Understanding and Application of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge in Healthcare   view details
    "The prevailing style of management in healthcare is the same as the style described of Western management by Dr. Deming. It is based on a short-term view, where management sees their job as achieving results by any means necessary. Committees and management batch problems for solving long after the problems have occurred, and the causes are commonly traced back to people. Management spends most of their time in boardrooms or conference rooms without any real understanding of the day-to-day operations, far removed from where the value is added (by the caregivers). Healthcare managers have been led to believe that if they manage the parts of their organization well, then the parts will add up to a well-run organization. This reductionist view may work well for simple systems, but it produces poor quality, high costs, and a lack of cooperation when applied to complex systems like healthcare delivery."

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  • Mike Stoecklein
  • Gemba Walkabout
    “Gemba walk” (lean thinking term) to go to the actual place where value is added + “walkabout” (Australian aborigine) a short period of wandering bush life engaged as an occasional interruption of regular work.

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