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This is just meant as a fun listing: there is no way to objectively rate blogs by how worthy or valuable they are.

I just wanted to create a listing that ranked blogs I thought were worth reading using a collection of metrics that I think have some merit (even if that merit is fairly limited).

Rank Name Points
1 Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog 83 details
2 Ed Batista Executive Coaching 60 details
3 Kevin Meyer 56 details
4 Tom Peters! Blog 46 details
5 David Marquet 44 details
6 Leadership Freak 42 details
7 Lets Grow Leaders 40 details
8 Edge Perspectives 40 details
9 Leading with Trust 39 details
10 Jeffrey Pfeffer 39 details
11 Lolly Daskal 39 details
12 Blanchard Leader Chat 36 details
13 Jesse Lyn Stoner on Leadership 36 details
14 Great Leadership 30 details
15 Serve to Lead 29 details
16 Meliorate 28 details
17 Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership 22 details
18 Lead Change Group blog 21 details
19 Connect Consulting Group 19 details
20 Weaving Influence 17 details
21 Germane Insights 16 details
22 John Mattone 15 details

The rankings are computed with the following factors

1) Moz page authority

2) a subjective ranking by Curious Cat

3) RSS feed subscribers

4) Moz domain authority

5) traffic rank (via Alexa Global and Alexa US)

6) Author Twitter authority (followers compared to those followed, retweets...)

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