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  • The Bullwhip Effect   view details
    how to manage the Bullwhip Effect: 1. Reduce lead time of information (orders, demand and capacity forecasts, point-of-sale data for the entire supply chain). 2. Reduce lead time of material. 3. Reduce variability with effective use of the Hei
  • Lean for Software: Interview with Mary Poppendieck   view details
    "But the fundamental Lean principle in product development is that we should not make any design decisions until we absolutely have to. We really do not want to have decided anything until we need to; and so at the point it time of the decision we should
  • Kanban Family Job Chart   view details
    "Our family needs something that is visible, without equivocation, and shows the Person, Jobs, Day, and Status. So, we created a Kanban Family Job Chart ... We want, instead, to teach self-reliance, demonstrate our trust in the kids, and help them grow
  • Starbucks, Queueing Theory, Constraints, and Lean   view details
    "If establishing a consistent order fulfillment drumbeat is important, Starbucks needs to do the following: 1) Reduce, immediately, the number of product combinations. 2) Model the properties of each of those combinations in both time, material, information, steps, and flow. But, focus on the 80/20 – the most ordered combinations first..."

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  • Shmula
    "This blog is my take on technology, business, operations, The Toyota Production System / Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Queueing Theory, operations research, building software, the customer experience (especially ethnography and design thinking and word-of-mouth marketing)"

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