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  • Focus on Improvement not Training   view details
    : How Six Sigma Can Do It Right. Word format. The paper proposes the "role of training is to build the skills and knowledge needed to improve the performance of the organization."
  • Impact of Six Sigma on Quality Engineering   view details
    "Specifically, Snee notes that for quality engineers and other quality professionals to be successful in this new environment, they must develop new skills including leadership and other soft skills, business acumen, and an understanding of both the manag
  • Improving Team Effectiveness   view details
    "Teams are now an established approach for getting work done, and organizations have learned important strategies for making teams effective. But barriers to team progress still exist, many of them the result of poor or ineffective management strategies f
  • Eight Essential Tools   view details
    8 essentional Six Sigma tools: process maps, cause and effect matrices (CE), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), measurement system analysis (MSA), process capability studies, multi-vari studies, design of experiments (DOE) and process control plans
  • The Hard Part: Holding Improvement Gains   view details
    "In organizations of all kinds, whether they practice Six Sigma, lean, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, total quality management or some other improvement methodology, sustaining improvement gains proves to be far more difficult than many

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