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  • The 5 Universal Laws of Gemba Management   view details
    "The frequency of leadership going to the gemba is inversely proportional to the number of walls separating them from the gemba. ... The effectiveness of root cause problem solving increases by a power of ten for each "why? question asked and decreases
  • The Top 10 Titans of TPS   view details
    "1. Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He revolutionized repetitive manufacturing of automobiles through standardization of parts, the moving assembly line and continuous improvement or product and process. Inspired imitation by Toyoda.
  • Womack's Lean versus Ohno's TPS   view details
    As the blog post indicates, look to the comments for the well expressed discussion of the comparison of lean manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. "Second, the Toyota Production System lives and belongs within Toyota. Any company emulating the TPS needs to study it deeply and then announce a never-ending commitment to developing the YOUR COMPANY business / operating / production System. Lean manufacturing is just a small part of it. Companies that do this are ridiculously successful."
  • Toyota's Top Engineer on How to Develop Thinking People   view details
    "Mr. Ohno often said to us, 'Don't look with your eyes, look with your feet. Don't think with you head, think with your hands.' He also taught us, 'People who can't understand numbers are useless. The gemba where numbers are not visible is also bad. However, people who only look at the numbers are the worst of all.'"

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