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W. Edwards Deming


  • The New Economics: For Industry, Government, Education
    Second Edition (reprint). The best of Deming's books for learning about his system for management. Packed with great thoughts but not as easy to read as the best books. This is a great book, but often it is best for managers already committed to finding new ideas.
  • Out of the Crisis:
    A classic but not an easy book to read. Packed with good ideas that still have great merit. New paperback printing (2000).
  • The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality
    The book is filled with articles, papers, lectures, and notes touching on a wide range of topics, but which focus on Deming's overriding message: quality and operations are all about systems, not individual performance; the system has to be designed so that the worker can perform well. Published in cooperation with The W. Edwards Deming Institute, The Essential Deming captures Deming's life's worth of thinking and writing. Dr. Orsini provides expert commentary throughout, delivering a powerful, practical guide to superior management. With The Essential Deming, you have the rationale, insight, and best practices you need to transform your organization.


  • Deming Interaction - Fall 2006   view details
    Deming institute newsletter including, Some notes on Management in a Hospital, by W. Edwards Deming: "The same problems that I have noted will continue. A physician cannot change the system. A head nurse cannot change the system. Meanwhile, who would kn
  • Interview of and by Dr. Ackoff and Dr. Deming   view details
    Great stuff. The transcript spells Dr. Ackoff's name wrong (Akoff). They discuss the important of viewing organizations as systems and a fair amount of time on the problems with business school education in the USA. And they touch on a huge number of management topics. Dr. Deming "When one understands who depends on me, then I may take joy in my work." Dr. Ackoff "If there isn't join in work, you won't get productivity, and you won't get quality."
  • Transcript of Speech by W. Edwards Deming to Japanese Leaders in 1950   view details
    "The knowledge and brains applied to statistics by the Japanese are an essential national resource; it is important in the same way as water power, forests, and railroads. And that statistical knowledge, much like water power, is not useful at all unless it has an impact on work opportunity and work. With water power, if one were to get rid of turbines and generator machines, no power would emerge."
  • On Probability As a Basis For Action   view details
    "The aim here is to try to contribute something to the improvement of statistical practice. The basic supposition here is that any statistical investigation is carried out for purposes of action. New knowledge modifies existing knowledge. " Deming distinguishes between enumerative studies and analytic studies. An enumerative study has for its aim an estimate of the number of units of a frame that belong to a specified class. An analytic study has for its aim a basis for action on the cause-system or the process, in order to improve product of the future.

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  • Management Wisdom
    Home of the Deming Library tapes and Better Management for a Changing World (with Ackoff and Suarez).
  • W. Edwards Deming Institute
    Founded by W. Edwards Deming the institute carries forward his philosophy. The site includes information on the institutes annual conferences and offers newsletters online.

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