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  • Toyota Production System
    Site on "The Toyota Production System (TPS) was established based on two concepts: The first is called 'jidoka'(which can be loosely translated as 'automation with a human touch') which means that when a problem occurs, the equipment stops immediately, preventing defective products from being produced; The second is the concept of 'Just-in-Time,' in which each process produces only what is needed by the next process in a continuous flow."
  • Benjamin Mitchell's Blog by Benjamin Mitchell
    "I'm a London-based independent consulting focussed on Systems Thinking, Intervention Theory and Lean / Kanban applied to IT businesses. I am a follower of Ohno, Deming, Seddon and Argyris."
  • Daily Kaizen by Lee Fried
    Blog by Lee Fried tracking the journey of a world-class health care system as it continuously improves to serve its members. He works for Group Health Cooperative non-profit care system in Seattle, Washington.
  • Shmula by Peter Abilla
    "This blog is my take on technology, business, operations, The Toyota Production System / Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Queueing Theory, operations research, building software, the customer experience (especially ethnography and design thinking and word-of-mouth marketing)"
  • Curious Cat Management Improvement Articles by John Hunter
    Hundreds of useful management articles hand selected to help managers improve the performance of their organization. Sorted by topic including: Deming, lean manufacturing, six sigma, continual improvement, innovation, leadership, managing people, software development, psychology and systems thinking.
  • Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog by John Hunter
    Blog by John Hunter on many topics to to improve the management of organizations, including: Deming, lean manufacturing, agile software development, evidence based decision making, customer focus, innovation, six sigma, systems thinking, leadership, psychology, ...
  • Not Running a Hospital by Paul Levy
    Author is a former hospital CEO and an "advocate for patient-driven care, eliminating preventable harm, transparency of clinical outcomes, and front-line driven process improvement."
  • Beyond Lean
    Blog by industrial engineering with the theme of reflecting on lean management and the idea that business units should be educated on lean thinking and principles.
  • Superfactory
    Dedicated to spreading manufacturing and enterprise excellence information with an aim to improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity worldwide.
  • Lean Urbanism
    "The Project for Lean Urbanism will restore common sense to the processes of development, building, starting small businesses, community engagement, and acquiring the necessary skills. The Project will devise tools so that community-building takes less time, reduces the resources required for compliance, and frustrates fewer well-intentioned entrepreneurs, by providing ways to work around onerous financial, bureaucratic, and regulatory processes."
  • Manufacturing Leadership Center by Bill Waddell
    Bill Waddell shares his knowledge, opinions, experience and ideas to point out the failures of companies, organizations, and individuals in the manufacturing industry while also lauding those that understand true excellence.
  • Not Running a Hospital by Paul Levy
    Advocate for patient-driven care, eliminating preventable harm, transparency of clinical outcomes, and front-line driven process improvement.
  • Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections by John Hunter
    The aim of Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections is to contribute to the successful adoption of management improvement to advance joy in work and joy in life. The site provides connections to resources on a wide variety of management topics to help managers improve the performance of their organization. The site was started in 1996 by John Hunter.
  • Life and Legacy of William G. Hunter by John Hunter, William G. Hunter
    George Box, Stuart Hunter and Bill wrote what has become a classic text for experimenters in scientific and business circles, Statistics for Experimenters. Bill also was a leader in the emergence of the management improvement movement. George Box and Bill co-founded the Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bill Hunter was also the founding chair of the ASQ statistics division.
  • Lean Enterprise Institute by Jim Womack
    "We carefully develop hypotheses about lean thinking and experiment to see which approaches work best in the real world. We then write up and teach what we discover, providing new methods for organizational transformation. We strive to answer the simple question of every manager, "What can I do on Monday morning to make a difference in my organization?" And, by creating a strong Lean Community through our website and public events we try to give managers the courage to become lean change agents."
  • Gemba Tales
    Blog by Mark Hamel exploring experiences (some successful, some not) of the author and other lean practitioners and shared for the purpose of providing insight into the application of lean concepts.
  • Gotta Go Lean by Jeff Hajek
    "The Gotta Go Lean Blog focuses on Lean at the front line. We help managers and employees work together to make Lean more productive for the company, and jobs more satisfying for workers."